How I Turn Failure Into Success

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How I Turn Failure Into Success

How I Turn Failure Into Success In Forex Trading

Forex trading. Learn from this forex blog, how i turn failure into success in forex trading. Many people who have not really traded in the market think that forex trading is very simple, it’s easy to earn quick money and get rich fast. Well, from my years of trading in the forex market, I can tell you that it’s not that easy after all if you do not understand the market well. When I recall the past, I’m happy to say that I was determined enough and did have a mindset for success before I became successful in forex trading.

I think I was like a lot of people before, whenever I saw any forex signals, I will start reacting to it and trade without thinking much… not planning…not strategizing. So I hope you are not doing what I did last time! I understand that some of you might have frustrations now, because those forex system you bought out there doesn’t seems to work or if it works in the short term, it does not give the kind of expected results you want in the long term. Many people will complain things like:

– “Why does it seems to work for other people, but I just can’t get it right.”

– “What’s the trick to become a successful trader?”

– “Am I using the wrong set of forex trading strategies?”

– “I’m trying very hard, but I still lose to the daunting forex market!”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. About 90% of people cannot win in forex because either they do not have good money management, a proven forex trading strategy, patience, discipline or they can’t get past their emotional/psychological barrier.


Other than that, what is stopping you from succeeding is mindset. If you do not have a strong and correct mindset, where do you find motivation and determination to succeed in forex trading? So when you lose a trade, or after a string of losses, you should ask yourself what has gone wrong and you will strive to do the correct stuffs next time round without making the same mistake.

A lot of traders gave up easily just because they lost some trades and think that it’s impossible to succeed or they have busted their trading capital. So if you really want to succeed in forex trading, you have to keep a close look on your money management to make sure you have enough capital to continue trading. You must also be patient, give yourself some time to learn and be fair to yourself no one can succeed the first day when he comes into forex trading.

There are 10 cardinal rules in the currency trading that one must follow in order to achieve success. 
They are as follows:

Stay With Your Forex Plan
For anyone to be successful in forex trading they must have a plan and stick with it. Besides your position size, your plan must also include your entry stop loss levels. In other words, you must know exactly when to take your profit and a when to get out of the trade. Having a good plan takes emotion out of trading.

Stay With The Trends
This is not brain surgery, the trend is a forex trend for reason and you should not try to fight it. If the trend shows profit, you get in and take advantage of it and if it shows going short, then you go short. Going against trends is a surefire way to empty out your bankroll.

Capital Preservation Is A Key
Protecting your money is the most important lesson that you can ever learn. Putting too much of your capital into one trade can result in a financial catastrophe. You should never risk more than 5% of your forex account on a single trade. There are many traders who get cocky and decided they can’t lose after hitting multiple deals in a row and then dump everything they have into one trade and unfortunately, that is the loser in air out of the market.

If It’s A Loser, Get Out
There is no fighting is one. In the forex market you will have some trades go bad and it is expected, but you just need to admit to your losses and get your money working back in other profitable trades. Setting up effective stop losses is a great tool to force yourself out of the trade, without emotions. Where you set these depends upon your risk profile.

Know When To Take Your Profit
Whenever you get into a trade, you should have already decided when you want to get out. Don’t get greedy if you hit your point harder than you thought as you think it might go much higher. You may get away with this a couple of times, but it is only a matter of time when he comes back to bite you.

Keep Your Calm
You cannot afford to have emotions during a trading day. Things like greed and fear will influence your trading in a negative way. If you look at any good trader you will see a temperament that will make it next to impossible to figure out if they are winning or losing money on the day. There just isn’t any place in the forex market for an emotional person.


Do Your Own Research
Taking advice from a friend or colleague that goes against your forex trading technique is just plain foolish. If you have a forex trading system that has proven time and time again to be profitable, don’t try and take a quick fix and jump on someone else’s coattails. If this is not an information you have verified, don’t follow it. Stick to your own plan.

Keep A Journal
You need to keep track of everything you do. What position you took, why you took it and how the trade went down. What price you bought it and what price you soul that are all things that you want to make note of. In the long run, you can go back and look at your successes and failures and this will help you become a better trader.

If You’re Not Sure, Don’t Get In
This is something that cannot be stressed enough. If for any reason you have a doubt about a trade, you are better off staying away from it. There are always plenty of opportunities just round the corner as the currency market works 24 hours.

Don’t Do Too Much
If you over trade, you may find yourself in a position where you cannot keep track of everything you have going on. Nobody should have anymore than two open positions at one time. You should only enter your second position only if your first position is profitable. Don’t think you have to do a trade just for the sake of doing it, wait for the right opportunities.

How I Turn Failure Into Success